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2019-07-09 18:29:00
Las Vegas... Let's Look at Some Statistics
The GLVAR recently released 
The Southern Nevada Market Update
 Here are a few highlights...
Nevada Leads the Country in Population Growth

That works out to More than 5 People every Hour
Most of these People come from California 

Why are they coming to Las Vegas?
Job Growth
Nevada is #1 in the Country for Job Growth

 What kind of Jobs?
Leisure and Hospitality lead the way...

Are they Good Jobs?
Nevada is #1 in Personal Income Growth
 So Yes, Nevadans are making more Money

 So we have More People
We have More Jobs
People have More Income
But is it still a Good Time to Buy?
Nevada is #1 in the Country in Home Appreciation
House Price Index Growth

Those are State Numbers, 
What about Las Vegas Metropolitan Area?
Las Vegas is the #1 Metro in the Country 

 With Housing Prices Going Up so Fast
Are Homes in Las Vegas still Affordable
Las Vegas is still far More Affordable than in California
Or Seattle, or Denver, or Portland...
Yeah, but is Now a Good Time to Buy?
If all that Info about Las Vegas and Nevada isn't enough
 We now have the Lowest Interest Rates in the past 2 Years

 Yes... Las Vegas is a Growing Area
with a Strong Economy 
and Higher Paying Jobs 
with a Vibrant Housing Market 
at a Time when Interest Rates are LOW
If you have any questions about Buying or Selling a Home
Please give Us a Call at Anytime
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Las Vegas... Let's Look at Some Statistics

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